Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend

Per usual, I am copying Life According to Steph’s style and I’ve decided I want to start doing a weekend recap every Monday.  Hopefully I can be consistent. So here goes nothing.

On Friday, I self-imposed an early dismissal from work at 12:30 pm so by 1 pm the hubby and I were on the road to the shore.  My brother and his family were visiting and had arrived on Thursday night and the my in-laws had taken the boys to be with their cousins while we worked half a day.  It worked out perfectly.  When we arrived my older son, Desmond was playing awesomely with my youngest nephew Julian.  They’re only 5 months apart from each other so it was only a matter of time that they would gravitate towards each other.  My little one, still feverish, was excited to see his mama but he also was playing with all the boys as well, it was adorable.  We went to an early dinner and headed straight to the beach.  The boys played at the water’s edge until the little ones got tired.

We were able to put all the kids down to sleep and have some adult time on the top deck of the house.  It was awesome.  Great conversation, great beer and champagne.  It was just nice to hang with other adults without having little ones to attend to.

On Saturday morning, we made breakfast and let the kids play in the garage hello – bouncy house! My brother and I went for a run (3.3 miles yay!) and then we joined my hubby and sister-in-law with the kids on the bay.  We did a little drag netting and brought the kids home for naps.  We took our little one with us to lunch, while my generous mother in-law stayed with my oldest nephew.  We thought Des was going to nap as well and left him in our room to nap but when we came back he was wide away jumping away in the bouncy house.  We rounded up the kids and went down to the beach.

The water was colder than the day before and the waves were rougher.  There was a long board classic surfing competition going on, so the beach was crowded but it was entertaining.  I took a quick nap while my husband ran the kids ragged on the beach.  Then back home for dinner and a movie for the kids.  Since Des didn’t nap he became a handful  so we took him for a walk and he passed out in the stroller.  Is it bad that I had this huge sense of relief when he fell asleep?  #sorrynotsorry   Once bedtime was settled, we went for a walk to get ice cream and ended the night in the hot tub.

On Sunday morning, my brother and the family left in the late morning.  We took the kids to the playground by the bay for one last hurrah and were able to get this great picture:


Afterwards we ended up taking a walk before lunch at the Port Hole and both kids napped in their strollers.  Of course we had to document it:


We stayed later then normal but had these amazing views of sunset on the way home:

Yesterday would have been my father’s birthday. Being with my brother this weekend was the best way I knew how to celebrate it.  He would have been so happy to see our families together.  Happy Birthday Dad, we miss you so much!

Happy Rainy Monday.

You’re too Blessed to be Stressed

Just as I was feeling overwhelmed by life and all the things I’d like to do or have to do and the relentless pressure I put on myself for no apparent reason.  I was talking to someone for work and at the end of our conversation he said to me, “….and remember, You’re too blessed to be stressed.”  He caught me off guard and normally I would have been like “Yeah, okay!” and probably made fun of him.  But you know what? he’s right.

I have a job, a house, a wonderful and healthy family. So even when my son is home sick on with a fever and my husband and I are doing the dance of trying to meet work obligations while caring for our feverish one year old;  Life is still really great.  So here are some pics from the day.  I loved the way my little one looked on the counter as I was getting ready to take him on an early run (Yay 3.2 miles!) later in the morning my husband had a conference call and every time he needed to talk my kid decided to as well. oops!

The last two pics are from when I went to work and my hubby Facetimed with me to see how cute our little one was being.  And yes he still has a fever.  But he’s on his way to the shore with his grandparents and brother. So life is pretty damn good right now and its Fri-yay! and I never met a Friday I wasn’t excited for! Happy almost weekend everyone!

Three things

My favorite blogger Life According to Steph did a list of three things yesterday and I woke up this morning to see that another blog I read,  Budgets are Sexy, did three things as well.  Its a sign! So I am going to steal his format and go with it.  So here are three things I will spend money on and three I won’t:

Things I will Spend Money on:

  1. Shoes – I don’t mean designer shoes.  I mean comfortable shoes that will carry me 40 miles on an ultra run.  My Vasque Constant Velocity sell for $120 and I LOVE THEM!  If you have a high arch and your feet get achy in other shoes give these a try.  I use them on roads and trails and I adore them.  I am still on the hunt for comfortable everyday flats.  Lately I have been living in Toms but those aren’t so comfy for all day.
  2. Gifts for my family – I am a great gift giver and I have no qualms about dropping a significant amount of money on a gift for a family member especially if its in my head its perfect.  It just feels so good to give.
  3. Vacation – There’s always room in the budget to get away!

Things I won’t Spend Money on:

  1. Toys – that shit gets expensive and for the most part, you can find it cheap 2nd hand.  Of course my kids are too young to know if something is used or not so I may be singing a different tune in the future!
  2. Cars – Another category I may be singing a different tune about soon but I love my carrito and it will be a sad day when it dies.
  3. Races – So I am a runner and I do sign up for races but I refuse to spend more than what I consider reasonable. That’s why I mainly stick to uberendurancesports races. They are the best organized with the best aid station, friendliest volunteers and the most reasonably priced races around.

So what’s important to you?