Goal Update

As of January 19th I am already failing miserably at this blogging endeavor, what can I say life is happening and it seems like all at once.    Either way, I have been advancing on other goals so far this year so here my update:

  1. I have run 32.12 miles so far this year and considering I have been battling a head cold for 2 weeks now and am officially past the half way point in my pregnancy; I am pretty proud of this number.
  2. I just transferred the first $1,000 to my savings account! Woot Woot! $5,000 left!
  3. In the past 18 days I have logged at least 10,000 steps a day except for one day. This one wasn’t part of my official list of goals but I am trying my best to remain as active as possible for as long as possible during this pregnancy.

On another note my husband recently gutted our master bath and extended it into our bedroom so we are in the midst of a pretty big home renovation project.  We are living in out of our guest bedroom and guest bathroom which isn’t ideal but manageable.  I am excited to have a bit more room in the master bathroom and just having all of the retched pink tile out of the bathroom is amazing! I found myself not caring on the cleanliness of that bathroom so much so that it was pretty gross by my standards so I am excited to have it all new and clean.  The shower will be wider and the vanity will be a bit bigger.  Here is what my master bath/bedroom looks like now:

Master bath with an extended wall into the master bedroom

Needless to say its a work in progress and my husband has been doing an amazing job!

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