All about me…

Today, It’s About Me!

I saw this on another blog and decided to fill it out today.  If you have a few minutes, you should do the same. I’d love to read your thoughts as well.

-I am… a woman named Gladys, I guess we’ve established that

-I think…  I have a lot going on right now and it’s about to get busier

-I should… get my real estate license

-I dream… of running a 100 mile race one day

-I want… to have a healthy baby boy

-I know… its going to hurt

-I don’t like… inconsiderate people

-I fear… I am losing who I am with motherhood

-I usually… run in the mornings and it makes my day better

-I search… ways to make my life easier

-I miss… alone time with my husband and its going to get worse before it gets better

-I always… lose my temper too quickly and pregnancy doesn’t help

-I regret… not going to college sooner

-I wonder… what this new little boy will be like

-I crave… everything, I am pregnant

-I remember… the smell of my dad’s hat and love that my brother’s hat smells the same

-I need… more money to pay off all these damn mortgages

-I forget… everything again I am pregnant

-I feel… stuffy, I have the cold that will never die!

-I can… still run so at 23 weeks pregnant I am pretty excited about it

-I can’t… breathe normally through my nose and its driving me crazy

-I am happy… when I am with my husband and he makes me laugh that deep gut laugh that makes your eyes water and your belly hurt

-I lose… my keys and cell phone constantly

-I sing… only toddler songs these days, Wheels on the Bus anyone?

-I listen… to my very loud coworker talk all day, inside voice please.

-I shop… for food and house stuff not so much for myself anymore

-I eat… everything again I am pregnant although breaded shrimp makes me want to gag

-I love… my husband because he is patient and loving and even when I am a jerk  – what can I say pregnancy is rough and these hormones are no joke!

It will be fun to look back on these when I am not pregnant and see what the differences in my answers will be.

Happy Thursday!

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