February Roundup

New Year’s Resolutions Updates:

Blog – it’s going.  Still not consistent but it’s better than last month which is all I can ask for!

Running – I ran 75 miles in February.  What?!?  Yeah I kicked ass!  And I am extremely proud of myself.  I also successfully completed the #runstreakphl and managed to run at least 1 mile a day for the entire month of February. Year to date total: 125 miles.

Savings – Transferred $1,000 into my savings account on February 17th – Boom.

Fitness – BBG workout – will have to wait until after this pregnancy

Selling – I sold 3 items this month, not great but better than last month.

Real Estate License – It’s still a block –  going to have to figure something out.

Mom –  I booked a flight for her to come for 13 days so I am excited to see my momma!

Climbing – I booked an 11 day climbing trip for my hubby so I think I have reached this goal already for the year.  Can we say best wife ever?!?

Saturday is my 35th birthday!!! Looking forward to officially being a high risk pregnancy #saidnooneever

Feb Round up

Thursday Thoughts

Stealing the idea from my favorite blogger Life According to Steph here are my Thursday Thoughts:

  1. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is basically torture for a 7 month pregnant woman. I would imagine being on your feet all day would be just as bad. Either way it’s not good.  By 4:00 pm I am D-O-N-E.
  1. Obsessing over running a 100 mile race. I can’t stop thinking about it. A couple of friends are either training for one or recently completed one and its definitely put a bug up my ass.  I would have to get much faster and build tons of endurance maybe for my 40th birthday?
  1. Almost finished with my #runstreakphl. (29 days of running at least 1 mile a day) Only 4 more days left.  I never thought I would finish it but here I am with only 4 miles in my way.  Although I am at 64 miles so far for the challenge and would like to get to 75 so I am going to push it and run 3 miles a day for the remaining 4 days.  Hopefully I don’t ruin my chances of finishing altogether.  Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my progress @runpuravida
  1. Sore from the damn whooping cough vaccination I had to get yesterday. It makes your arm so sore its crazy! Just lifting my arm hurts. To make it worse, I have to use my arm to lift myself out of bed cause I am so fat.
  1. Watching The Newsroom, I know I am late to the game on this one but it’s really well written. If you haven’t seen it watch this opening scene, it was all I needed to be completely invested.

Countdown to my birthday!!! The big 3-5!! Next Saturday – woot woot! I love my birthday!

Do good and good will come

On Sunday night after spending a couple of hours scouring Old Navy’s website, I completed an order of close to $350.00.  Normally when I order from Old Navy or any online realtor, I know in the back of my mind that I will probably end up returning something so it’s not like I REALLY spent $350.  But this time it was different.  There is no chance that any of the items will be returned and especially not by me because I bought them for kids I never met after reading this article:  Teaching Hope.  I looked up the school and their uniform requirements and tried to buy an array of uniforms that may be needed in the various sizes for kids aged 5-14.

Lately I have been feeling this nagging feeling like I should be doing more and not for myself or my family but as a human being. I should be doing more for society as a whole.  So I have been thinking of ways to help and this one random act of kindness just fell on my lap and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  And I know I won’t get a tax deduction or anything out of it other than the right to brag here on my blog but it felt great to email the Principal and let her know to expect the order.  I also genuinely believe that everything good you put out in the universe comes back to you.   Today I emailed Old Navy to see if they would match my order or contribute something, I am still waiting to hear back.  Will keep you posted.