January Roundup

January Round up

On my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Blog – isn’t going too well but when I started this blog, I didn’t expect to be pregnant while writing it. Here I am 24 weeks pregnant and committed to writing but my head isn’t where I want it to be.  I feel like I am hiking in mud with my writing.  I had dreams of writing about my weekend long runs and races not so much about how pregnant I am.  But I still feel like something good is going to come out of this? Let’s hope so.
  2. Running – I ran 47.28 miles in January – not great but definitely not terrible at least that’s what I keep telling myself.
  3. Savings – Transferred $1,000 into my savings account on January 25th so I am on track! Woot Woot! I also increased my 401K contribution to max out for the year which I am really excited about.
  4. Fitness – BBG workout – will have to wait until after this pregnancy
  5. Selling – Sold 2 items this month – so I will have to sell 7 in February to catch up
  6. Real Estate License – I have a block when it comes to this and need to figure out how to unblock. It’s the shit sandwich I never want to eat.
  7. Mom – I definitely didn’t call once a week but I was much better than I have been in the past so there’s an improvement
  8. Climbing – I did stop my husband from climbing once this month only because I wasn’t feeling well and Des wasn’t either – we were a mess.  He was actually home sick with me for 3.5 days at the end of January which put a damper on many of my goals.

Overall considering how pregnant I am, I feel pretty good about where I am.  Actually I really don’t feel that great, I feel lazy and annoyed with my body that is starting to ache everywhere but I am trying to be positive here.  Trying…

In January, I also gave myself a couple of goals to finish before the end of the month and I finished two of the five:

  1. Frame the print that’s been sitting in my basement for almost 4 years now
  2. Purge some of the 20 sweatshirts we currently own, we literally have 15 too many
  3. Paint the random frame we have in the basement and create an artwork display
  4. List four items on eBay
  5. List four items on the local Facebook yard sale group

I wasn’t really feeling these goals but they were helping me with some of my New Years Resolutions so my plan is to get these done soon-ish.  Here’s to a much more productive February!

2 thoughts on “January Roundup

  1. Sometimes blog writing is easy and sometimes it’s a struggle…sometimes the difficulty lies outside of the head and sometimes it lies inside. Either way you’ll get a rhythm that works for you!

    Great job on the savings and 401k as well as remaining active through your pregnancy.

    Purging is on my list of things to do this weekend. I hope I feel well enough to do it.

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