Reasoning with a Pregnant Woman

Don’t do it.  Just agree and move on.  If you typically annoy her – leave her alone.  If she is asking for something, get it to her ASAP, STAT, NOW.  This is the type of mood I am in today.  Everyone around me is annoying me.  My patience level is low – very low.  Don’t ask annoying questions or try to converse with me.  I don’t want to hear it.  I don’t want to make small talk.  MaF this shitke me laugh, bring me something delicious to eat, or make it so I can lay on the couch and not have to move unless I have to pee.  That’s what I want these days.  Some days being pregnant is a bitch.  I have more estrogen pumping through my body than I will in my entire lifetime.  I struggle to put on my pants, shave my legs and put my shoes on.  I grunt so much doing these things that my toddler is mimicking my sounds.   A flight of stairs might as well be Mount Everest.    My desk job is basically 8 hours of torture on my back and by 4:00 pm, I want to shoot someone.  Luckily it’s not every day but today just is one of those days.


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