Thursday Thoughts

Stealing the idea from my favorite blogger Life According to Steph here are my Thursday Thoughts:

  1. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is basically torture for a 7 month pregnant woman. I would imagine being on your feet all day would be just as bad. Either way it’s not good.  By 4:00 pm I am D-O-N-E.
  1. Obsessing over running a 100 mile race. I can’t stop thinking about it. A couple of friends are either training for one or recently completed one and its definitely put a bug up my ass.  I would have to get much faster and build tons of endurance maybe for my 40th birthday?
  1. Almost finished with my #runstreakphl. (29 days of running at least 1 mile a day) Only 4 more days left.  I never thought I would finish it but here I am with only 4 miles in my way.  Although I am at 64 miles so far for the challenge and would like to get to 75 so I am going to push it and run 3 miles a day for the remaining 4 days.  Hopefully I don’t ruin my chances of finishing altogether.  Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my progress @runpuravida
  1. Sore from the damn whooping cough vaccination I had to get yesterday. It makes your arm so sore its crazy! Just lifting my arm hurts. To make it worse, I have to use my arm to lift myself out of bed cause I am so fat.
  1. Watching The Newsroom, I know I am late to the game on this one but it’s really well written. If you haven’t seen it watch this opening scene, it was all I needed to be completely invested.

Countdown to my birthday!!! The big 3-5!! Next Saturday – woot woot! I love my birthday!

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