February Roundup

New Year’s Resolutions Updates:

Blog – it’s going.  Still not consistent but it’s better than last month which is all I can ask for!

Running – I ran 75 miles in February.  What?!?  Yeah I kicked ass!  And I am extremely proud of myself.  I also successfully completed the #runstreakphl and managed to run at least 1 mile a day for the entire month of February. Year to date total: 125 miles.

Savings – Transferred $1,000 into my savings account on February 17th – Boom.

Fitness – BBG workout – will have to wait until after this pregnancy

Selling – I sold 3 items this month, not great but better than last month.

Real Estate License – It’s still a block –  going to have to figure something out.

Mom –  I booked a flight for her to come for 13 days so I am excited to see my momma!

Climbing – I booked an 11 day climbing trip for my hubby so I think I have reached this goal already for the year.  Can we say best wife ever?!?

Saturday is my 35th birthday!!! Looking forward to officially being a high risk pregnancy #saidnooneever

Feb Round up

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