March Roundup

Blog – I am feeling pretty good about this endeavor.  I haven’t been as consistent as I would like but I am posting weekly and am working on some good posts for the future. It’s a work in progress and I am okay with that.

Running – I ran 19 miles in March – and I am not mad about it – although I may run 1 mile after work so I can be at 20 miles for the month but that’s just my OCD talking.  It was a hard month for me.  My husband was traveling and my son had a week long fever and I was sick with an annoying head cold that lasted 2 weeks.  My body is also demanding rest from me and I am not in a place to not listen to it. Year to date total: 144 miles.

Savings – I just transferred $3,000 into my savings account – Boom.  Thanks to closing 3 bank accounts I no longer needed and a recruiting bonus I received at work.  I should have no problem checking this goal off my list soon! And I know the money in the other bank accounts were already technically “saved” but the fact that I got my shit together enough to go to two different banks and close three accounts is amazing.

Fitness – BBG workout – will have to wait until after this pregnancy

Selling – I sold 20 items this month- I cheated- they were all DVD’s and I sold them to this website: for $5.00 but for the most part they were really really crappy movies that we never watched so I will take my $5 and up my total list sold up to 25.

Real Estate License – It’s my April to-do to get one of the classes done.  So hopefully I will be halfway done by the end of April.

Mom –  My mom is a rockstar.  She came at the best time possible.  My son was in daycare for about 4 hours on the week she was here because he was promptly sent home with a fever that decided to stick around until he was on an antibiotics Friday afternoon. If she hadn’t been here it would have been another week of taking off of work for a sick kid and I rather not use my vacation days that way.  It was also good for my son to spend  time with his Abuela.  I am excited for her to come back when baby #2 comes around.

Climbing – My hubby had an amazing vacation in Bishop, CA for 8 days of climbing.  It makes him happy which makes me happy. Although I must admit I am a bit jealous. But check out this rad pic:

Tom Bishop Trip

How to know you’re old

When you have a 2 pm early dismissal from work on Good Friday and proceed to go food/diaper shopping at BJ’s then rush home to finish your taxes; you’re old.  Either way I got them done and feel pretty damn proud of myself.  Although I must say I will never do taxes again while I am pregnant (not that I plan on being pregnant again).  Drinking and taxes should go hand in hand or at least should be a prize at the end of the grueling task.  I am done and excited to not have to look at them again for another year.  So needless to say I was grumpy Friday and felt like I was picking a fight with the hubby but I was just off and annoyed.  Taxes will do that to you.  Damn taxes. If I am not allowed to drink I should at least get a sticker for my troubles something like this would do:


These stickers are awesome.  Scary Mommy has some pretty hysterical Instagram posts.  Although the one about getting waxed and not crying that would never be me.  I can’t even stop the tears from streaming down my face when I get my eyebrows waxed.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t done that in years – maybe even a decade.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Happy Tuesday!

Thursday Thoughts

1. I read NPR on the daily but what I love more than the articles is the amazing internet trollers that comment and berate each other.  Recently the former Toronto mayor, Rob Ford died.  He was known for admitting to smoking crack cocaine in “probably one of my drunken stupors.”  He died of cancer at 46 but was overweight and obviously did not care for himself.  Usually when there is a death the trollers are better behaved but all of the comments focused on how much older he looked and how his death was the result of his own actions.  Yeah I know, cruel.  But then this gem of an exchange caught my attention:

NPR Trollers

I laughed out loud.  I think we all know the gym rat type that ALWAYS brings the conversation back to themselves.

2. Special shout-out to my brother and sister in law who sent me this ridiculously awesome onesie for the baby

100% Guapo

It’s especially funny because my husband has my nephews call him Tio Guapo (Uncle Handsome).

3.My hubby is back and things are starting to get back to normal.  Our house is still under construction.  The bathroom is close to being completed and this warm weather is making me want to spring clean. Not to mention we have a little human joining us in less than 2 months and he does not have a bedroom yet, well its there its just not set up.  AND I still have to do our taxes.  No Bueno. Here’s to a productive weekend!