Thursday Thoughts

A week has gone by and I have not posted.  Oops! Oh well, here goes:

1. I am officially 30 weeks pregnant which means I have a human growing inside of me that could successfully live outside of me – just digest that for a second.

30 weeks pregnant

2. I am still running – Up to 13 miles so far this month not too much but it’s something.  My son officially equates running to me.  He says run run run and then starts running.  Its adorable and I hope I can instill a good habit like running regularly into his life.


3. I HATE going to the airport.  Even if it’s just to pick someone up I really do hate it.  I went today to get my mom and my anxiety level was ridiculous.  I don’t mind flying, I don’t mind planes – I HATE AIRPORTS but I do love to travel.

4. Speaking of travel my hubby is leaving for his 10 day climbing trip on Saturday, if you are interested in rock climbing feel free to follow him on instagram: @thomashartey

5. My mom is visiting for the next 12 days which means my house will be spotlessly clean very soon.  It makes me GIDDY with excitement just thinking about the dirt she is extracting from my house right now.

6. On Sunday I felt like death warmed over, I spent the entire day watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I recently began watching it from the very first episode because it has been years since I last saw it.  Let’s just say it was probably a poor choice for a hormonal sick pregnant woman.  There are too many death involving babies and pregnant women for anyone in my state to handle.  Either way I couldn’t stop watching.



Happy Weekend to me as I am off tomorrow!

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