Thursday Thoughts

1. I read NPR on the daily but what I love more than the articles is the amazing internet trollers that comment and berate each other.  Recently the former Toronto mayor, Rob Ford died.  He was known for admitting to smoking crack cocaine in “probably one of my drunken stupors.”  He died of cancer at 46 but was overweight and obviously did not care for himself.  Usually when there is a death the trollers are better behaved but all of the comments focused on how much older he looked and how his death was the result of his own actions.  Yeah I know, cruel.  But then this gem of an exchange caught my attention:

NPR Trollers

I laughed out loud.  I think we all know the gym rat type that ALWAYS brings the conversation back to themselves.

2. Special shout-out to my brother and sister in law who sent me this ridiculously awesome onesie for the baby

100% Guapo

It’s especially funny because my husband has my nephews call him Tio Guapo (Uncle Handsome).

3.My hubby is back and things are starting to get back to normal.  Our house is still under construction.  The bathroom is close to being completed and this warm weather is making me want to spring clean. Not to mention we have a little human joining us in less than 2 months and he does not have a bedroom yet, well its there its just not set up.  AND I still have to do our taxes.  No Bueno. Here’s to a productive weekend!

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