How to know you’re old

When you have a 2 pm early dismissal from work on Good Friday and proceed to go food/diaper shopping at BJ’s then rush home to finish your taxes; you’re old.  Either way I got them done and feel pretty damn proud of myself.  Although I must say I will never do taxes again while I am pregnant (not that I plan on being pregnant again).  Drinking and taxes should go hand in hand or at least should be a prize at the end of the grueling task.  I am done and excited to not have to look at them again for another year.  So needless to say I was grumpy Friday and felt like I was picking a fight with the hubby but I was just off and annoyed.  Taxes will do that to you.  Damn taxes. If I am not allowed to drink I should at least get a sticker for my troubles something like this would do:


These stickers are awesome.  Scary Mommy has some pretty hysterical Instagram posts.  Although the one about getting waxed and not crying that would never be me.  I can’t even stop the tears from streaming down my face when I get my eyebrows waxed.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t done that in years – maybe even a decade.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Happy Tuesday!

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