Thursday Thoughts

  1. My son was home from daycare yesterday with a fever – it was his fifth fever in five months – what?! When will this end?
  2. I just calculated that we will be spending an additional $125,000 in the next five years in daycare. Unfortunately I will be making more than that in the next five years so the struggle continues.
  3. After 31 days I am still on a run streak, I think today may be my first day of rest, I’ve earned it and I loathe running at night.
  4. Officially 8 months pregnant – I feel like a house and third trimester exhaustion is in full force.
  5. My birthday is Saturday and all I want is to spend the day with my husband and son and have a date night with my hubby – am I officially old? I don’t care.  Also I am turning 35 on 3-5 I am all about dates and numbers
  6. Naming another little boy is HARD. I think Xavier is the number one contender which was 2nd when we were naming Desmond.  I think it’s especially hard for me because I have an unusual name and I love it.  I love that about myself. I relish it and I want the same for my kids.
  7. If I were having a little girl her name would be Paloma it means Dove in Spanish and its this delicious drink which I was addicted to prior to getting pregnant:Paloma

I used Izze Grapefruit soda and a hefty amount of salt on the glass. DELICIOUS!

Happy Thursday Peeps!