Being 36 weeks pregnant

Things you can’t do when your 36 weeks pregnant:

  1. Sneeze comfortably
  2. Hold your pee
  3. Sit at a desk for 8 hours a day
  4. Be patient
  5. Get up quickly – although the other day when my almost 2 year old decided to kamikaze off my bed my reflexes kicked in and I caught him mid-drop. I was pretty impressed with my mobility
  6. Stop complaining about being uncomfortable
  7. And lastly:


Excited that it’s Friday though… Happy weekend peeps.

Happy Marathon Monday!

In honor of the Boston Marathon, I figured it was only appropriate to make this a runners special so here goes:

  1. I finally saw The Barkley Marathons: The Race that Eats its Young – the insane marathon I wrote about here. I watched it on Saturday night when I was pretty close to falling asleep but the documentary kept me awake.  I fall asleep regularly watching TV- it’s a talent – so when a movie keeps me awake it usually  means it is very good.  The level of pain these runners put themselves through is insane! Also it’s labeled as a 100 mile ultra run but its really 130 miles and the new tagline is” “Where dreams come to die.”Crazy Runners
  2. My friend, Keilynn over at Nature or Bust alerted me to this blog post of a runner who attempted the Barkley Marathon this year as a blind runners guide: The Blind Leading the Blind It’s a great read.  The anxiety and pressure of such responsibility would be debilitating to me.  Its one thing to put yourself into that situation it is a whole another thing to lead a blind woman into it.
  3. I recently read this article yesterday in Runners World,  Dozens Suspected of Cheating to Enter Boston Marathon  – cheating cheaters are ridiculous. I get it, qualifying to get into Boston is REALLY hard, I am pretty sure I will never be able to do it.  But you can’t possibly enjoy the run when you know you cheated to get there.
  4. Lastly, flashback to last years Boston Marathon when a high school friend and his soon to be wife crossed the finish line in style:Ross and AnsleyAnd I assure you they both run like the wind and qualified legitimately.

Good Luck to all the runners today!!



What’s in a name?

If you ask me everything.  As I have said before, I love my name.  I was named after my grandmother and I love the uniqueness of it.  So when picking out names for my children, I have been particularly picky.  With my first, Desmond, it was a bit easier we both loved the name immediately. It was unusual but not something we made up, it has many options for nicknames and could be pronounced in Spanish. It just clicked right away.  But this time we are having a bit of trouble so here are the contenders so far:

  1. Xavier – I really like this name it’s strong, can be pronounced in Spanish but it’s getting popular – and that is a HUGE negative for me. There is also no way to shorten it but how cool is it to have an “x” in your name?
  2. Maclean – This one isn’t even on the top 1,000 list for the Social Security office list of names. I love the nickname “Mac” probably more than I like the full name but it doesn’t sound like a full name.  But Maclean is on the verge of almost made up.  Plus there are too many ways to pronounce it: “MAC- LEAN” or “Ma-CLEAN” or  “MA-CLANE” I’m not sure which one I would use.
  3. Bowen – Another name where I like the nickname probably more than the full name. Bowen would probably be mispronounced by my Spanish-speaking mother but “Bo” is a great nickname.
  4. Felix – I like this one but my husband does not agree. It does not have a way to shorten the name but can be pronounced in Spanish.  But all my husband thinks of is: Felix
  5. Dylan – I don’t like this one but my husband loves it (he’s a Bob Dylan fan). Initially all I could think of was 90210.  Taking a step back and thinking about it I don’t think it’s that bad, it’s just really common.
  6. George – Another common name but it’s my husband’s middle name and was his grandfather’s name and I like names with roots but the royal couple did name their baby George so that kind of popularity is a bit too much for me.

The truth is when we decided on Desmond, We were 100% sure that was going to be his name.  This time it’s not so easy.  We have a month to go and I can’t decide on anything.  Any suggestions?