Thursday Thoughts

1. Since my last post my son has officially fought off his 7th fever in 5 months and his second bout with strep this season.  Luckily he is a trooper but geez I need a break.

2. My coworker sent me this awesome article:  Does Exercise During Pregnancy Lead to Exercise-Loving Offspring?  My favorite excerpt from the article: “a mother’s physical activity during pregnancy likely affects the physical activity of her offspring”  The study was  conducted on mice and not humans but it made me feel good about all the effort I have put in this pregnancy.

3. Allen Iverson – Really? Have I mentioned how much I love the internet.

Allen Iverson

4. This past weekend my running group was talking about this crazy ultra marathon that was happening called the Barkley Marathons.  It’s a 100 mile race in Tennessee.  Its limited to 40 runners, in nearly 30 years of the race taking place only 14 runners have finished it.  It’s a 20 mile unmarked loop with no aid stations except water at 2 locations one of which being the race start.   The unmarked course is navigated by copying the course from a master map and during the race the runner must find between 9 and 11 books, and tear out the sheet corresponding to their bib number to prove they were there. This year there was one finisher and this was his third year finishing.  Bad ass.   There’s a documentary I need to watch!

5. Tomorrow is my hubby’s 35th birthday.  Woot Woot!  Happy Birthday!!!

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