35 things I love about you…

My husband turns 35 today so since I seem to write the majority of my posts in lists  I figured why not do it for my hubby?  So here goes….

  1. He’s my best friend.  And although I don’t believe your husband needs to be your best friend (read here:  I didn’t marry my best friend)  He is mine.
  2. He makes me laugh.
  3. He is kind. He has a good heart and is genuine.
  4. He is honest.  He doesn’t agree with me just for the sake of agreeing with me which sometimes makes me crazy but I know if I am ask him a question he will answer it honestly.
  5. He gives great advice.
  6. He is extremely patient with me, especially recently.
  7. He supports me and all of my crazy ideas even when I think its a good idea to run a 12 hour endurance race or 10 miles a day for 10 days or attempt a 30 mile run into Center City Philadelphia and back (the last one I attempted but didn’t finish).
  8. He has child-like enthusiasm and it’s contagious.
  9. He is great with kids.
  10. He has single handedly remodeled 95% of our house without any experience.
  11. He’s very intelligent.  He doesn’t think he is but he is easily one of the smartest people I know.
  12. He’s thoughtful.
  13. He’s great with money.  He is a saver and is very practical with his money.
  14. He never yells.  I do. I am latin – sorry babe.
  15. He loves my cooking.  I think I am a good cook mainly because he raves about almost all of the food I make.  I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s just because he rather not cook but I will take his praise.
  16. He gets me.
  17. He’s stubborn about important things like having a short commute to work so we both commute 2 miles a day and it’s thanks to him.
  18. He’s extremely athletic.
  19. He’s adventurous and willing to travel just about anywhere.
  20. He’s the father of my son – soon to be sons.
  21. He is a strong climber and it’s sexy.
  22. He’s short so I never have to wear heels.
  23. He had a wholesome childhood and its refreshing to be around.
  24. He has a high moral compass and it is admirable.
  25. He thinks I am gorgeous even when I am 34 weeks pregnant.
  26. He is a happy person.
  27. He’s handsome.
  28. He watches terrible television shows with me just to spend more time with me.
  29. He’s ambitious.
  30. He quit video games for me and our family and it was really hard for him.
  31. He has a great sense of humor.
  32. He has a terrible memory.  In fact last night he turned to me and said, “Holy sh*t, am I turning 36 tomorrow?” and it makes me laugh on a regular basis.
  33. He’s romantic.
  34. He makes me happy.
  35. He’s handsome – Happy Birthday Baby!!Slide1

Thursday Thoughts

1. Since my last post my son has officially fought off his 7th fever in 5 months and his second bout with strep this season.  Luckily he is a trooper but geez I need a break.

2. My coworker sent me this awesome article:  Does Exercise During Pregnancy Lead to Exercise-Loving Offspring?  My favorite excerpt from the article: “a mother’s physical activity during pregnancy likely affects the physical activity of her offspring”  The study was  conducted on mice and not humans but it made me feel good about all the effort I have put in this pregnancy.

3. Allen Iverson – Really? Have I mentioned how much I love the internet.

Allen Iverson

4. This past weekend my running group was talking about this crazy ultra marathon that was happening called the Barkley Marathons.  It’s a 100 mile race in Tennessee.  Its limited to 40 runners, in nearly 30 years of the race taking place only 14 runners have finished it.  It’s a 20 mile unmarked loop with no aid stations except water at 2 locations one of which being the race start.   The unmarked course is navigated by copying the course from a master map and during the race the runner must find between 9 and 11 books, and tear out the sheet corresponding to their bib number to prove they were there. This year there was one finisher and this was his third year finishing.  Bad ass.   There’s a documentary I need to watch!

5. Tomorrow is my hubby’s 35th birthday.  Woot Woot!  Happy Birthday!!!