April Roundup

Blog – I haven’t been as diligent as I would like to be but lately all I want to do is complain about being pregnant and if there is anything I hate more than questions it’s complaining.

Running – I ran zero miles in April so my year to date stands at 144 miles.  I am officially “about to pop” pregnant so lets just say running is not on the agenda these days.  I plan to start again at the end of June.

Savings – Done.  Woot Woot – Marking this one off the list.

Fitness – BBG workout – will have to wait until after this pregnancy

Selling – I sold 13 items this month actually I should say my husband sold 12 items and I sold one.  He let me trade in all of his old x-box games which came out to a $16 itunes gift card which we promptly spent on Mickey’s Clubhouse Season 2 – the joys of parenting. I also sold a small table on Facebook for $10 so my total sold is up to 38.

Real Estate License – I didn’t get to finish this but I did get some of it done so at least its progressing.

Mom –  I booked my mom’s flight for May to come visit and help with the new baby.  She will likely be around for a month, I am happy to get to spend another month with her.

Climbing – Yeah if I can’t run, I am not going to worry about my husband climbing.  Selfish – I know – but I am 16 days from my due date.

In other getting shit done news, my husband has officially finished remodeling our bathroom!!! Woot Woot!!  Check out it out:

Bathroom Before and After

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