Being 38.5 Weeks Pregnant

I am pretty tough, at least I like to think so.  I don’t really complain too much and I am usually the type to put my head down and get through whatever challenge comes my way. But the end of pregnancy is a different animal to me.  It makes me feel not so tough.

I’ve gained about 33 lbs during my pregnancy and on a 5’2” frame it’s a ton of weight, not unhealthy, but it’s just a lot on my body.  This is the part in my pregnancy that I always say if you can survive pregnancy you can run a marathon.  A marathon is just 5-7 hours of effort; pregnancy is 40 weeks of a parasite invading your body and taking everything it needs from you regardless of your needs.  Don’t get me wrong there are times when I do enjoy pregnancy but just not at 38.5 weeks and it’s hard not to think of anything else when its literally hard to breathe.

Working while you are this pregnant is also a load of crap.  Sitting at a chair in front of a computer is my daily torture.  Luckily I have been at my job for going on three years now so I can get away with slipping away a early or coming in later when my body is flat out saying,  “No More!” but I cannot imagine working at an hourly gig where I depend on every hour of work.  So I know I am lucky in that aspect but it doesn’t negate that I feel like hell.  Luckily next Friday is my last day of work until August and that my friends is what makes me get up every morning.

Lastly to add to my list from my post Being 36 weeks Pregnant, here are more things I can no longer do:

  1. Wash my hands and/or dishes at any sink. My arms are too short and my belly is too big – the struggle is real
  2. Eat anything that doesn’t cause heart burn or indigestion
  3. Lay down comfortably
  4. Sleep for more than 6 hours at a time (which in a couple of weeks will seem like an eternity – it’s all about perspective)
  5. Listen to anyone else complain about being tired.


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