Postpartum Depression

If you asked me if I thought I have postpartum depression I would probably quickly say, “nope. I’m good.”  But as I quickly googled it the list feels vaguely familiar but is it just life as a mommy as usual or am I really not supposed to feel overwhelmed at the thought of packing up a family of four for a weekend at the shore? I thought it was just my OCD-ness causing anxiety at the last minute change of plans? Is having no patience a symptom of postpartum depression, because I thought it just came with the territory of being a mom.  As well as the thought of running away?  What mom has never felt like running away?  Not like making plans to run away just the thought of being kid free again sounds a bit like a vacation.  Maybe all I need is a vacation.

Regardless the Postpartum Depression lists has other symptoms that I can easily say I don’t have. For example: crying all day or not being able to sleep or eat or feeling hopeless.  I don’t feel any of that and I am not walking through life in a cloud.  But since I have been back at work motherhood got a lot more serious and bit less fun.  The one thing Canada definitely got right is the one year maternity leave.



July Roundup

What can I say better late then never?  

Blog –  I am back at work and in front of  a keyboard 8 hours a day so hopefully this will get a bit more consistent.

Running – 40.39 miles for the month of July. 191.77 miles year to date.

Savings – Done

Fitness – BBG workout – I am on week 3!!

Selling – I sold 32 items in July bringing my grand total up to 76. I wasn’t going to count each individual item but the point of this is to get rid of stuff and make some extra cash and I did get rid of 32 things that were lying around the house so I’m counting them. So in full disclosure I sold the candle holders my husband made for our wedding center pieces, I had 26 left. I sold them to a woman who wanted to use them for her wedding so it just felt right. I also sold 5 chairs (we were recently gifted new dining chairs) and a huge desk that used to be in baby’s room.  It all added up to $120, not to shabby huh? Best of all? Goal completed.

Real Estate License – this will get done once I’m back at work.

Mom – Have I mentioned how much I hate talking on the phone? Yeah I’m terrible. I’m calling her today.

Climbing – it’s a work in progress but we are figuring out how to work in what we still like to do while being parents to two little ones.