July Roundup

What can I say better late then never?  

Blog –  I am back at work and in front of  a keyboard 8 hours a day so hopefully this will get a bit more consistent.

Running – 40.39 miles for the month of July. 191.77 miles year to date.

Savings – Done

Fitness – BBG workout – I am on week 3!!

Selling – I sold 32 items in July bringing my grand total up to 76. I wasn’t going to count each individual item but the point of this is to get rid of stuff and make some extra cash and I did get rid of 32 things that were lying around the house so I’m counting them. So in full disclosure I sold the candle holders my husband made for our wedding center pieces, I had 26 left. I sold them to a woman who wanted to use them for her wedding so it just felt right. I also sold 5 chairs (we were recently gifted new dining chairs) and a huge desk that used to be in baby’s room.  It all added up to $120, not to shabby huh? Best of all? Goal completed.

Real Estate License – this will get done once I’m back at work.

Mom – Have I mentioned how much I hate talking on the phone? Yeah I’m terrible. I’m calling her today.

Climbing – it’s a work in progress but we are figuring out how to work in what we still like to do while being parents to two little ones.



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