13.5 miles training run

So I survived my second half marathon since having my baby 5.5 months ago.  Of course there were more lessons learned so here goes my list:

  1. Short running shorts are for skinny girls. The chaffing.  Oh the chaffing! Literally I was rubbing Neosporin  on my palm sized areas of my thighs were there used to be skin and my toddler came around the corner and said “Mommy, you have diaper rash?”
  2. As I suspected last weekend, trails are a lot softer on my body. Maybe it was the 2nd half too but I didn’t feel as beat up except for the chaffing.
  3. I need to run more all of the time.  I am a perfectionist at heart so I get discouraged easily if I am not following a training schedule exactly as it is laid out.  Well you know what? I am also a full time working mom of two so I need to stop with the ridiculousness and just do what I can when I can.  That starts now.
  4. Trails are beautiful and I should run them more often.  Check out this awesome pic from my girl over at Nature or Bust follow her on instagram here – her pictures are dope.batona-trailHappy Halloween!

Slow & Steady does not win the Race

A little over a month ago, I eagerly posted a detailed weight loss plan illustrating how I was going to lose 3 lbs a month and get back to size 2 by the time my baby turned one.  I was thrilled to report that I had made it down to my first goal of 145 lbs.  So I was on my way to skinny town!

slowsteadySo October 15th came and went and the scale has not moved.  145 lbs.  How is this possible?  I have been working out consistently. Eating relatively healthy and still breastfeeding (which burns an additional 500 calories).

How is it possible that my body is refusing to let go of this weight?  Hormones.  That’s what.  And you know what?  There’s nothing I can do about it except maybe stop breastfeeding my child.  So this Slow & Steady Weight Loss Plan can suck it! At least until I’m done breastfeeding.  There’s already so much pressure for mommy’s to get back in shape. Why am I adding to it?  Also I’m training for a damn 40 mile race.  I need to be kinder to myself and realize the amazing things this 145 lb body can do.  Rant over.

Happy Thursday!


Oktoberfest Half Marathon

The hills are alive with me screaming fuck this hill…

What can I say, my first half marathon back was HARD.  This hills mostly.   Also the race was actually short in mileage.  About .73 miles which to me, is significant.  I didn’t realize until well after the race was over.  So I feel like I am lying when I say my first half back is in the books.  Luckily my run next weekend will be 13.5 miles so it will really be in the books soon enough.  Also I thought the hills were significant but now looking at my Fitbit display, I feel like a wimp.


Overall the weather was great and the course was beautiful.  Penny Pack Park in Northeast Philadelphia is spectacular.  I have run this half before actually almost exactly two years ago when I was five months postpartum with my first.  I felt like I did better the first time around but I am starting to realize racing is much like childbirth, you only remember the good parts. 14720440_10154635809567402_7978532837942903599_n The course was different this time as well.  Last time there was some unpaved trail but this time the whole course was paved because of maintenance being done on a bridge.  I felt like the pavement was so hard on my body but maybe it was all the damn running.  My uterus hurt after I know sorry – TMI.  Either way I did it, mostly thanks to my girl over at Nature or Bust who stayed with me the entire time even when I had my cranky pants on.  Here we are after the race. The foliage was amazing.  This is by far the prettiest time of year.

Happy Monday!