September Roundup

I have been procrastinating writing this update because I don’t feel good about my progress for the month.  My head isn’t in the game.  I am just surviving week to week, barely keeping my head above water with all of the to-do’s that come with being a working mom of two.  It’s challenging to get everything done and still have time to myself.  I try to start off every week strong with my workouts but by Wednesday morning I’m exhausted.  I haven’t worked out on a Thursday or Friday all month.  Luckily I usually work out hard on the weekends but somethings gotta give.  Its also very discouraging that my weight loss has basically reversed and I weigh the same I did in August.  Overall it was a shitty month as far as getting any of these goals done.

Blog –  I wanted to do 3 a week but all I got in was 3 for the month. At least I’m still on here right?!?

Running – 31.06 miles. 274.67 miles year to date.  So the plan is to run 50 miles in October, 75 miles in November and 100 miles in December and that will get me to 500 miles for the year so its still attainable!!!

Savings – Done

Fitness – BBG workout – I am on week 7.  Had to repeat a couple of the weeks so this 12 week program is turning into a 20 week program.

Selling – Done

Real Estate License – the goal for September is to finish the 2nd class. – Nope didn’t happen, this will probably end up on my 2017 list again.  Ugh….

Mom – She’s been traveling in Costa Rica so I cant talk to her regularly now but she will be back the end of October.

Climbing – Hubby’s been doing great with this.


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