Pity Party Over

The pity party is over.  I signed up for the 40 miler.  Time to start carving out more running time.  I have a little less than 5 months to get my act together and run 40 miles.  So I ran  four miles yesterday.  It started out terrible, my knees and ankles felt wonky and foreign but then I reminded myself, that the first mile almost always sucks.  I also made a conscious effort to run by feel, whatever felt good even if it was a snails pace up the giant 1/3 of a mile hill.  Shout out to the older gentleman on the bike coming down that hill who flashed me a smile and some words of encouragement – thanks for not making me feel pathetic about “running” at a 14:00 minute pace.  Overall I finished the run at a 12:30 pace and while I ran the same course 2 weeks ago at 11:08 pace, I felt much better this time around.  I have decided that this route will be my means of comparison to see how I am doing with my training and if I am improving.  Here’s a snapshot from my Fitbit Surge:


So loyal readers, aka my husband,  there will be a lot more posts about running.  #sorrynotsorry

Happy Hump Day

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