October Roundup

Its November.  Holy crap its November, where did this year go? Regardless here my update for October:

Blog –  Boom. 8 posts.  Getting better and definitely feel like I am starting to hit my stride.  Although I am not thrilled to be only writing about running but what’s a runner to do?

captureRunning – 63.56 miles. 338.23 miles year to date.  I surpassed my goal of 50 miles in October so  there is some flexibility for my 75 miles in November and 100 miles in December but I shouldn’t have a problem reaching 500 miles for the year.


Savings – Done

Fitness – BBG workout – This one is just not going to happen.  If I have any chance in finishing my 40 miler in March I have to focus on running.  Also my heart really isn’t in it.  I am going to continue to do the workouts just not as stringently as they are designed.  Plus its making my ass look great!

Selling – Done – I finished this one up in July but I’ve still been killing it. Sold 2 chairs both were hand me downs and a piece of art I bought for $50 and sold for $60.

Real Estate License – Another one probably not going to happen. Online classes are the pits and again just no drive to get it done.  I need to find another way.

Mom – She’s been traveling and my phone has been a disaster so not a good combo.

Climbing – Hubby just went on a long weekend getaway with the boys to Grayson Highlands so he’s doing great.

Here’s to getting things done as the holidays approach – wish me luck!


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