I want a do-over

Zero..  that’s how many miles I have run since my last post – More running needed.  I am not sure how I am going to train for this 40 miler.  I had a lot planned in my head for this week.  I was going to kill-it on my Fitbit Work Week challenge and give a bunch of folks a run for their money. I was going to wake up early invigorated that finally a woman had made it to the top position in the United States.  Instead I went to bed in dismay and woke up to a hacking six month old with an ear infection on 4 hours of sleep.  When sleep is disrupted its hard for mpaline to get back on track.  I NEED sleep.  So the rest of the week was a mess of trying to get more sleep with a toddler who’s protesting bed time for hours and a 6 month old that slept better being upright then laying down.  Its been tough a week.  So I want a do-over.  I’m sure I am not the only one.

Here’s to a weekend filled with family quality time and regrouping after this disastrous week and hopefully some running.

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