Thanks to a Stranger

I run by feel.  If I am feeling good, I tend to run longer faster.  Yesterday I set out on my run after finally getting my toddler and baby down for naps and almost falling asleep myself. My initial intention was to go out for an hour since last week was so shitty I wanted to try to get at least 5 miles.  So I started out at about a 12 minute pace. The air was cool and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt but it felt great.  I headed towards the local high school where there is a 1 mile loop that feels like a trail even though its paved.  Its quite beautiful with lots of foliage.  My plan was to run there and see how I felt, if I was feeling good, I would add more loops.

Have I mentioned how competitive I am?  Well I am very competitive almost to a fault.  So while I was finishing up what was supposed to be my final loop (I had done about a loop and a half)  I noticed a woman running in the opposite direction running quite fast.  Her form was terrible she looked awkward and was over exaggerating all of her movements.  It looked like so much more effort than necessary.  But she was kicking my ass.  Although she was running in the opposite direction she was running so much faster than me so I started to run faster.  I figured I could use a swift kick in the ass after last week.  So I started to run faster and found myself catching up with her earlier and earlier.  At that point I realized it had been an hour since I had left so I should probably start heading home.  But the faster pace felt great.  My legs felt strong so I took the long way home and added an extra mile.  Throughout my run I paid very little attention to my pace.  So when I got home and realized I had run a full minute faster for my 5th, 6th and 7th miles, I was ecstatic!  fitbit-11-13

Maybe the week off of running wasn’t the most terrible thing –  Hello 10:30 pace, how I have missed you.  So shout out to that random woman who made me realize that I still had it in me.

Happy Monday!

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