500 Miles – done

Boom.  500 miles for 2016 is in the books.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make this goal.  At the beginning of the year I was jamming along, not exactly getting all the miles I needed but considering I was 5 months pregnant I was still moving.  In February alone, I managed 75 miles at 6 months pregnant. But after that, as my belly grew, it wasn’t comfortable to run anymore and by the end of March my running was put on hold until after the baby.  I had the baby in May but I didn’t feel up to running until about July.  So in about 9 months I was able to complete my goal of 500 miles.  Not too shabby. Here are some highlights from the year:


It’s Official

I have signed on to raise $5,000 for Covenant House while using my 40 mile race as a catalyst to do so.  I have wanted to do something like this for a very long time and I think fear of failure stopped me but no more.  I usually do not announce my longer races in fear of failure.  It’s bad enough to not finish a race but to have an audience makes it that much worse.  But I am putting it out there this time.  Failure is an option and it could happen, I could fail to run 40 miles on March 4 or reach my $5,000 goal for Covenant House but not trying would be so much worse.  So if you could help a sister out to not fail, click on the picture below for my fundraising website and I am excited to say I am already 14% there!  Any amount will be greatly appreciated!!


I am so excited for these bigger 2017 goals.  It feels good in my soul.

November Roundup

Blog –  Feeling pretty good about this goal, although I haven’t been completely consistent. I am here and have been getting better, I am starting to hit my stride and find my voice which I knew would take a bit.  Excited for the future on this one.

Trail Running at the Wissahickon Valley Park

Running – 82.91 miles.  Less than 70 miles to 500 left.  This shit is getting DONE and that makes me OH SO HAPPY!!

Savings – Done

Fitness – Like I said last month not happening this year.  Boo.

Selling – Done

Real Estate License –Like I said last month this one isn’t happening either.

Mom – I bought my mom a ticket to visit for a week in November, it was great to see her again.

Climbing – We are down to the wire on this one but he has 9 session left to make his goal for the year which doesn’t sound like a lot but December is a tough month to get it all in.