November Roundup

Blog –  Feeling pretty good about this goal, although I haven’t been completely consistent. I am here and have been getting better, I am starting to hit my stride and find my voice which I knew would take a bit.  Excited for the future on this one.

Trail Running at the Wissahickon Valley Park

Running – 82.91 miles.  Less than 70 miles to 500 left.  This shit is getting DONE and that makes me OH SO HAPPY!!

Savings – Done

Fitness – Like I said last month not happening this year.  Boo.

Selling – Done

Real Estate License –Like I said last month this one isn’t happening either.

Mom – I bought my mom a ticket to visit for a week in November, it was great to see her again.

Climbing – We are down to the wire on this one but he has 9 session left to make his goal for the year which doesn’t sound like a lot but December is a tough month to get it all in.

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