Breastfeeding with a Stomach Bug

It’s been a week since I last posted and am happy to report the day after my Running with Babies post I successfully ran 10 early morning miles.  Unfortunately that night I was hit with the terrible horrible stomach bug that’s been making its rounds.   So needless to say, img_0275I haven’t run much since then.  Typically when you have the stomach bug its pretty awful and you basically consume nothing because your body can’t handle it but it’s a special kind of torture to have a stomach bug when you’re breastfeeding.  It literally feels like the baby is sucking your spirit out of your breast.  Every time I nursed it would throw my stomach into revolt.  So why not just give the kid some formula? I tried, he has successfully taken it a daycare but at home, he protested and screamed until I gave in and fed.  He’s lucky he’s cute.

Wish me luck on getting my long run done tomorrow!


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