Did you know?

It bothers me when someone takes my spot.  Parking spot.  Spot in the refrigerator at work. Spot on the couch.  It’s mine don’t do it because I will make you move or move your shit out of my way.

When I am running and I’m having a hard time I start doing math.  How many miles do I have left? How long is it going to take me?  How many miles have I done for the week?  I am not that great at math so this entertains/confuses me for quite some time.

I don’t run with music anymore.  It used to be a necessity and then one day I forgot my headphones and that was that.  That DOES NOT include the treadmill. It is a requirement on the treadmill.

I wash my hair everyday,  I guess it’s weird as a woman but I’ve done it all my life and my hair gets greasy and I run a lot.  No amount of dry shampoo can erase a 5 mile run.

I smell like onions when my deodorant stops working.  I’ve started using a natural one and it basically has an 18 hour time limit because when I wake up in the morning – I AM RIPE.

I can fall asleep in less than a minute maybe even 30 seconds.  I have NO problem going to sleep. My husband has a hard time falling asleep so it’s not the greatest combination but #sorrynotsorry

I am terrible with directions in the suburbs but put me in a city and I will figure it out without a problem.

When I was a toddler, my family spent a lot of time in Costa Rica  and when I came back to the States, I refused to speak in English.  I would respond to everyone in Spanish regardless of which language they used.

I learned how to walk at seven months I am very grateful that neither of my children walked that early.

Thanks Life According to Steph for the inspiration!




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