It Takes a Bad Run to Appreciate the Good Ones

Last time I spoke about running I was doubting everything I set out to do this year.  How was I going to run 40 miles when 20 felt so terrible? What was I thinking signing up for all of this when I had a baby 9 months ago? Why do I do this to myself?

Well, this past Saturday I set out with my trail sister @lifeonatrail to truly conquer the yellow trail at the Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia  I had done the trail on my own but there is a section that is closed that I was too intimidated to do alone.  So we set out shortly after noon and the trail was a muddy, snowy, slippery mess but the miles went by with ease and the conversation followed.  It felt great even with soaking wet muddy feet.

We conquered the closed section which added more mileage than I anticipated and ended up having to cut the run short a bit for her sake she was only supposed to do 15 but we ended at 20 miles.  I was able to add 3.5 more miles  with the help of my amazing husband and our double bob stroller.  He took this awesome picture of me:


If the sun wasn’t setting I would have ran all the way home!

Happy Hump Day!


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