This is it..

Tomorrow is the big day for me.  It’s funny how I picked a random race to promote and create a fundraiser for.  Who does 40 mile trail races?  This girl.  Usually its a 50 K or a 50 miler not 40 miles.  I like that it’s my birthday weekend.  I like that I had until my birthday to raise the funds.  I wanted goals that could be completed within the first quarter of the year and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and it’s official; I am out.  Normally when I set out to do things, I am not sure I can do, I don’t tell anyone.  It’s much easier to fail if no one is watching.  But now I feel like everyone is watching.  Maybe they are but probably not.  Either way, tomorrow I will be attempting my second ultra and I am almost at my goal for fundraising – 92% – it is amazing.  If you are interested in donating please find my donating page here.  Any amount would help tremendously.  Lastly, here are a few thoughts that will keep me motivated tomorrow.

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