Embrace the Suck

Tomorrow I will be attempting to complete modified goal #3 for my 2017 goals and run the Dirty German.  I say modified because I dropped down from 50 Miles to 50K. I have to say, I am not mad about it.  I almost wish I dropped down to the 25k and maybe I will, although it will count as a DNF (did not finish) and I am not sure I am prepared for that.  I have not been running much at all.  The only training I have been doing is “potty training.”  I have been in a running funk and I am hoping this race will snap me out of it. Also did I mention its supposed to rain all day tomorrow.  Not like 50% chance of rain – 100% all day long with 85% – 90%  humidity:DirtyGerman The only way to get through that kind of day is to embrace that it is going to suck and you will be wet –  All. Day. Long.  Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

Happy Weekend.


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