June Roundup

Here it is finally….

  1. Run the Naked Bavarian 40 mile race on March 4, 2017  –  Done.  Read race recap here if you missed it.
  2. Raise $5,000 for Covenant House Pennsylvania – Done March 3, 2017
  3. Run the Dirty German 50 mile race on May 13, 2017* – finished the 25K, blog post still pending.
  4. Lose the baby weight (starting weight 140) – I stuck with Myfitnesspal for most of the month and managed to lose 3 lbs.  Down to 133.  Although I may have gained it back this past weekend at the shore.  What can I say it was the Fourth of July?!?!  I am trying to be as disciplined as possible during the week since all bets are off on the weekend.   C’est la vie.
  5. Rock Climb More – Again, I climbed once at the PRG with my hubby.  I have to say when I do climb I feel strong and my technique is still pretty good.  I just need to do it more.
  6. Travel More – We successfully went to Ft. Myers beach and had a great time with great friends.  No more trips until the fall since we will be at the shore most weekends.
  7. Blog More – I sucked again this month. Summers are hard to find the time.
  8. One small house project a month – We had our front patio redone and although we didn’t do the work, I am counting it in this category.  It NEEDED to be done.  The whole patio had sunk about 6 inches and was starting to crumble.  Its been on the list since we bought the house and it was pretty penny- almost $5K job!! Ouch.
  9. Declutter –   Since the porch was otherwise ocupado with the construction, I didn’t have any donations picked up.  I did get rid of some baby items to a coworker who is having a little one next month.
  10. Spend less – We blew the budget this month:  The front porch, Gymnastics for my 3 year old and paying off the emergency room visit from April, Luckily the trip to Florida was paid with points and we stayed with a friend but either way it was an EXPENSIVE MONTH.

Here’s to hopefully more blogging this month….


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