You’re too Blessed to be Stressed

Just as I was feeling overwhelmed by life and all the things I’d like to do or have to do and the relentless pressure I put on myself for no apparent reason.  I was talking to someone for work and at the end of our conversation he said to me, “….and remember, You’re too blessed to be stressed.”  He caught me off guard and normally I would have been like “Yeah, okay!” and probably made fun of him.  But you know what? he’s right.

I have a job, a house, a wonderful and healthy family. So even when my son is home sick on with a fever and my husband and I are doing the dance of trying to meet work obligations while caring for our feverish one year old;  Life is still really great.  So here are some pics from the day.  I loved the way my little one looked on the counter as I was getting ready to take him on an early run (Yay 3.2 miles!) later in the morning my husband had a conference call and every time he needed to talk my kid decided to as well. oops!

The last two pics are from when I went to work and my hubby Facetimed with me to see how cute our little one was being.  And yes he still has a fever.  But he’s on his way to the shore with his grandparents and brother. So life is pretty damn good right now and its Fri-yay! and I never met a Friday I wasn’t excited for! Happy almost weekend everyone!

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