February Roundup

February 2018 – Getting Shit Done

February was TOUGH.   I was literally awake on Super Bowl Sunday at 1 am with a kid who had thrown up all over himself.  My kids were sick every week including a week when my husband was away for work, I had 3 Wisdom teeth removed which I had been putting off for years but as far as my goals are concerned I KILLED IT.  I keep track of everything in my trusty handy dandy calendar and just so you know, pink = workout. Boom.


  1. Running – become a better runner – faster, stronger, longer
  2. Fitness –
    • Finish BBG – 12 weeks cycle repeatedly throughout the year – I finished my first ever 12 week cycle! Boom.  This has been on my list since 2015 
    • Workout 85% of the year (311 days) at least 35 minutes a day – So I am currently behind on this goal I have missed 10 days so far this year so I am currently at 83% but I have many months left to catch back up.  
    • 100,000 steps every week – Done.
  3. Diet
    • Strive for a plants based diet – I have successfully made a couple of vegetarian meals that were even approved by my hubby so I call that a win.  
    • No adding sugar – Black coffee is not my friend but I still drink that bitch.  


  1. Kids
    • More sleep – bed time routine – We started the year really well with this but recently we’ve been falling off track. Gotta get back at it.
    • Better food – work in more veggies all around – I am starting these Zucchini muffins – this goal is a serious uphill battle so this is a start but its going to be  a battle.
    • Clean up own toys –  This hasn’t really worked but we were focusing on health this month.
  2.  Projects
    • Build a Walk in closet for Master Bedroom – DONE DONE DONE  – Check this out:  Walk-in Closet.jpg
    • Power wash the house in the spring
    • Plant new bushes where the old ones were
    • Sand and re-stain our front door
    • Paint or stain book shelf in garage
    • Finish painting furniture in basement
    • Start refinishing basement
  3. Clutter
    • Basement – there is stuff everywhere, it has to go
    • Toys – stop buying and get rid of more
    • Baby Stuff – sell or donate
    • Empty Cedar closet
    • Coats – too many in the closet
    • Cloths – need to fit all in the Walk-in closet including shoes – Almost done.  I have many suits from working in NYC in my 20’s that I either need to donate or move into the walk-in closet
    • Guest Bedroom – Sell all furniture and reorganize
  4. Cleaning
    • Wash all dishes before going to bed – I would say I am about 75% on top of this but currently there are last nights dishes in my sink and I am not happy about it. 
    • Come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it  – still need to get this done.
    • Laundry – 6 days a week do something with laundry – I am about 90% on top of this right now.  Mainly due to one of my children who had explosive poops for about a week straight – good times.


Tomorrow I will be tackling the Naked Bavarian again although this time, I am just doing the 20 miler.  Wish me luck!!


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