40 before 40

  1. Visit the Williamette Valley in Oregon -Didn’t get this one done.
  2. Volunteer at a nonprofit – Done and now I volunteer monthly
  3. Run a sub 25 minute 5k (8:03 minute pace) – I am still slow as fuck but I have run a (7:54 mile)
  4. Visit Muir WoodsDone October 22, 2017
  5. Tip 100% of the bill at a restaurant – Done a couple of times now, especially during the pandemic
  6. Take yoga for one month (at least twice a week) – Didn’t do
  7. Buy a car – Haven’t done this but man is it time
  8. Go to the Met
  9. Surf in LBI – didn’t do and I don’t really have a desire to. If I am going to try surfing it’s going to be in Hawaii.
  10. Visit Costa Rica – We did this one although I was 41, considering the pandemic I am going to count it
  11.  Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding again – I didn’t get this one done.
  12. Visit Arches National Park – Didn’t get to this one either but we did go to Bryce which I think might be even more incredible than Arches
  13. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon (9:00 minute pace) – Again still slow as fuck
  14. Camp with my family – We did a ton of camping during the pandemic
  15. Fit all my clothes in one closet – Done but also this one is stupid
  16. Run a sub 4:30 marathon (10:18 pace) – Nope
  17. Read every book I own or give it away – Nope I like to buy books and not read them.
  18. Build a little free library – Done
  19. Adopt a family in need at Christmas (this one is thanks to Steph) – Done this one a couple of times now.
  20. Try a recipe from every cookbook I own or give it away – I also like to buy cookbooks and not read those as well
  21. Build my sons a rock climbing wall – Done
  22. Take my kid’s sugaring at the Bohl Family Farm – Done
  23. Run a race in Napa Valley – Not done but again if I go to Napa it’s to drink not run a race
  24. Pay my mother’s real estate taxes for her – Done
  25. Run the Wissahickon Four Corners
  26. Own less but better quality shoes – again WTF was I thinking, I like shoes why was I limiting myself?
  27. Run an Obstacle Course Race – No desire to anymore
  28. Paint a picture – Been thinking about doing this one soon.
  29. Scuba dive – Nope
  30. Learn how to knit – Nope
  31. Learn how to make rice like my mother – I have concluded that I will never get as good as my mom. She started making rice when she was 8 years old. She is an expert. I will never be.
  32. Read a novel in Spanish – This would take so long
  33. Become my definition of a minimalist – again ugh stupid goal.
  34. Get Lasik or at least figure out if I am a candidate – Got Lasik done on 1/5/2018
  35. Kick my aggressive driving behavior – Done, I drive like an old lady now
  36. Hire a cleaning woman or figure out a less stressful way to maintain the house – Done!
  37. Sign up for a Triathlon – No desire
  38. Complete a 14er – Again no desire
  39. Volunteer at a race at least once a year – I did this once
  40.  Hike Machu Picchu – I didn’t get to this one, maybe someday

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