You’re too Blessed to be Stressed

Just as I was feeling overwhelmed by life and all the things I’d like to do or have to do and the relentless pressure I put on myself for no apparent reason.  I was talking to someone for work and at the end of our conversation he said to me, “….and remember, You’re too blessed to be stressed.”  He caught me off guard and normally I would have been like “Yeah, okay!” and probably made fun of him.  But you know what? he’s right.

I have a job, a house, a wonderful and healthy family. So even when my son is home sick on with a fever and my husband and I are doing the dance of trying to meet work obligations while caring for our feverish one year old;  Life is still really great.  So here are some pics from the day.  I loved the way my little one looked on the counter as I was getting ready to take him on an early run (Yay 3.2 miles!) later in the morning my husband had a conference call and every time he needed to talk my kid decided to as well. oops!

The last two pics are from when I went to work and my hubby Facetimed with me to see how cute our little one was being.  And yes he still has a fever.  But he’s on his way to the shore with his grandparents and brother. So life is pretty damn good right now and its Fri-yay! and I never met a Friday I wasn’t excited for! Happy almost weekend everyone!


I really want to meet someone who has it all together.  Clean and organized house.  Full time job.  More than one kid. Dinner on the table every night.  Finances in order.  Works out on the daily.  Do they exist?  I don’t think they do.  They appear all over on Facebook and Instagram. The energizer mom with their shit together.  They must be getting some help.  Cleaning lady? Nanny or grandparents that help out regularly?  Food delivery service?  All of the above and they can’t possibly sleep.

I feel like I am always busy doing something but nothing ever really gets done.  My house is never really clean or organized.  I’m never truly consistent on any workout plan or regimen.  My take-out/restaurant budget is always maxed out.  My three year old is basically living off of chicken nuggets and my one year old would sustain himself on blueberries, corn and  mac & cheese if we let him which I must admit; sometimes we do.  I just don’t feel like I have it together.  I know I am being too hard on myself.  I’m comparing myself to something that doesn’t exist or if it does it’s not the norm. But how do people fit it all in?

I guess I feel like I have been more reactive then proactive lately and I don’t like that feeling.  I am feeling great about the amount of stuff going out the door but I always feel the need to do more.  I am not feeling great about my lack of exercise.  I need to get back into my early morning runs.  They help clear my head and get ready for the day.  My main problem is I am trying to do it all, when I should focus on what makes me feel better.  Getting more physical activity in my day will help tremendously.  So I am going to make it goal #1 for August.  Of course instead of running this morning, I did the dishes, made breakfast and did two loads of laundry but if I put this in writing I will make it happen so here it is.  Here goes nothing! Wish me luck!

Slow & Steady does not win the Race

A little over a month ago, I eagerly posted a detailed weight loss plan illustrating how I was going to lose 3 lbs a month and get back to size 2 by the time my baby turned one.  I was thrilled to report that I had made it down to my first goal of 145 lbs.  So I was on my way to skinny town!

slowsteadySo October 15th came and went and the scale has not moved.  145 lbs.  How is this possible?  I have been working out consistently. Eating relatively healthy and still breastfeeding (which burns an additional 500 calories).

How is it possible that my body is refusing to let go of this weight?  Hormones.  That’s what.  And you know what?  There’s nothing I can do about it except maybe stop breastfeeding my child.  So this Slow & Steady Weight Loss Plan can suck it! At least until I’m done breastfeeding.  There’s already so much pressure for mommy’s to get back in shape. Why am I adding to it?  Also I’m training for a damn 40 mile race.  I need to be kinder to myself and realize the amazing things this 145 lb body can do.  Rant over.

Happy Thursday!