More running needed

I have come to the realization that if I am going to properly train for this 40 miler I am going to have to get out of my comfort zone.  On Saturday, I ran 3 miles in a new trail near my husband’s favorite local climbing spot.  It was pretty technical and there were leaves everywhere.  So needless to say, there was some tripping but luckily no falling.  I convinced myself to play it safe and repeat a loop several times instead of venturing out and running the 5 mile loop I had intended to complete.  Admittedly I was intimidated.  I was running without a phone on a new trail alone and I had just dropped off my husband and sons at a climbing spot a mile away so if something were to happen to me, they would be left without a car or a mom.  I felt like a wimp.  But now that I am writing this on,  I know I did the right thing.  I just need to plan better and get my phone fixed.  Now that I know where the trail is and what it looks like, I can plan better.  So I am excited to get out there and finish what I started.  I am not really sure how I am going to go from conquering a 5 mile trail to a 40 mile trail but we will see.  It made me feel a bit better that I had to hike to meet the family at the boulders so I did get another two miles in and check out this dope picture I got a the end:


Tomorrow’s election day people.  I am excited to have this craziness over and hopefully welcome the first woman President.  Now that would be dope.

Happy Monday!

Falling down

falling-down-is-a-part-of-life-getting-back-up-is-living-quote-1Tuesday morning at approximately  6:00 am I was out for a run and I fell.  It happened so quickly but there was this split second moment when I thought “damn I’m falling and there is nothing I can do about it.”  Luckily I was close to a patch of grass and aimed for that but I didn’t get there without first skidding across the sidewalk. It took me a moment to get up.  It was quite shocking. I have to admit I was grateful the sun wasn’t up because it was embarrassing as well.  Although arguably had the sun been up, I probably would not have fallen. The sidewalk  had 4 inch lip and my foot just got caught. Either way I hobbled home, luckily I wasn’t too far, and jumped into the shower to wash off all of the scrapes which hurt like hell.  I kept reminding myself that the pain was nothing compared to giving birth and to suck it up but it really did sting.  So the biggest causality to the fall besides my left knee which should heal okay was my Fitbit.  RIP Fitbit.  You are missed every time I take a step.

Luckily Fitbit has the best customer service around and they sent me a 25% off coupon for a new one.  Hopefully I will be all healed up for my half marathon on Sunday, I think I am going to take the rest of this week off.  I’ve earned it.

Happy Hump Day.