Falling down

falling-down-is-a-part-of-life-getting-back-up-is-living-quote-1Tuesday morning at approximately  6:00 am I was out for a run and I fell.  It happened so quickly but there was this split second moment when I thought “damn I’m falling and there is nothing I can do about it.”  Luckily I was close to a patch of grass and aimed for that but I didn’t get there without first skidding across the sidewalk. It took me a moment to get up.  It was quite shocking. I have to admit I was grateful the sun wasn’t up because it was embarrassing as well.  Although arguably had the sun been up, I probably would not have fallen. The sidewalk  had 4 inch lip and my foot just got caught. Either way I hobbled home, luckily I wasn’t too far, and jumped into the shower to wash off all of the scrapes which hurt like hell.  I kept reminding myself that the pain was nothing compared to giving birth and to suck it up but it really did sting.  So the biggest causality to the fall besides my left knee which should heal okay was my Fitbit.  RIP Fitbit.  You are missed every time I take a step.

Luckily Fitbit has the best customer service around and they sent me a 25% off coupon for a new one.  Hopefully I will be all healed up for my half marathon on Sunday, I think I am going to take the rest of this week off.  I’ve earned it.

Happy Hump Day.



Mountain Lakes Trail Run

On Sunday I ran the Mountain Lakes Trail Run in beautiful Princeton, NJ.  It’s a very good thing I decided to do this race before my upcoming half marathon.  I did just about everything wrong for this race but luckily it was only 3.5 miles.  So, because I love lists, let’s just list out all of my mistakes so maybe I can learn from them.


  1. I went out WAY too fast.  I was running with two of my very tall and speedy friends so I was trying to keep them in view, which made me suck wind and have a killer side stitch during my 2nd mile.  See splits below:run-10-16-16
  2. I didn’t properly fuel before the run.   I breastfed the baby right before the start and I should have eaten something before starting the race.  Lesson learned.
  3. I wore something that I haven’t worn in a couple of months and normally I would be ecstatic about having my fat cloths starting to fit me looser but constantly pulling up my pants up during the race is NOT CUTE.
  4. My belly was FULL of water. I could literally hear it swishing around.  I didn’t go to the bathroom before the start – oops!

Even with everything that went wrong, I was so grateful to be on a trail running and doing what I love.  It was  a beautiful park and a great trail.  Still smiling….


Pity Party Over

The pity party is over.  I signed up for the 40 miler.  Time to start carving out more running time.  I have a little less than 5 months to get my act together and run 40 miles.  So I ran  four miles yesterday.  It started out terrible, my knees and ankles felt wonky and foreign but then I reminded myself, that the first mile almost always sucks.  I also made a conscious effort to run by feel, whatever felt good even if it was a snails pace up the giant 1/3 of a mile hill.  Shout out to the older gentleman on the bike coming down that hill who flashed me a smile and some words of encouragement – thanks for not making me feel pathetic about “running” at a 14:00 minute pace.  Overall I finished the run at a 12:30 pace and while I ran the same course 2 weeks ago at 11:08 pace, I felt much better this time around.  I have decided that this route will be my means of comparison to see how I am doing with my training and if I am improving.  Here’s a snapshot from my Fitbit Surge:


So loyal readers, aka my husband,  there will be a lot more posts about running.  #sorrynotsorry

Happy Hump Day