Naked Prussian – Marathon

On Saturday, April 1st, I ran the inaugural Naked Prussian Marathon at Blue Marsh Lake outside of Reading, PA.  It was essentially the same course as the Naked Bavarian with an extra 6 mile lollipop and an extra bit in the beginning as well.  Full disclosure,  I ran the 40 miler on March 4, 2017 and basically stopped running for a month.  We went to France and got back and I may have ran 15 miles total in between the 40 miler and the marathon.  This race sneaked up on me #ultrarunnerproblems much?!?  I thought I had another week or two before the race.  Either way I was signed up and with the generous time cut-offs I knew I could run at least 20 and hike the rest.

At the start – it was just the right amount of chill in the air!

It was refreshing to have a race without any pressure.  No one knew I was running a marathon besides my husband.  It was purely for fun and that’s what I did, I had fun!  I started the racing running with my friend Keilynn who has been training like crazy and I knew I could keep up with her in the beginning but figured she would forge ahead at some point which I was perfectly happy with.  So we started off.  I hadn’t seen her since the Naked Bavarian and we really didn’t get a chance to catch up after that race so we were chatting so much that miles 1-13 really flew by.  Yup a whole half marathon just flew by, I was running faster than last time with less paralyzing fear of getting hurt.  It was interesting because the course was so muddy and slippery but I was being less cautious than the last time I was on the course.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t being reckless, I just wasn’t being a wimp about the downhills and the mud.  I felt like a kid again running through the forest with a friend.  It felt GREAT.

At about mile 12 there was another aid station and we were headed back to the route I was familiar with from the Naked Bavarian except we were doing it backwards so the easy part was first and the hills were second.  I still had some kick left in me so I kicked it into high gear and got moving.  At certain points, Keilynn was having a hard time keeping up with me but I knew she had time goals and I knew this was the best part of the course to makeup time.  I also knew that I was going to pay for running too fast at this point of the race later but I didn’t really care and it felt great not to give a shit.  I wanted to feel the burn in my legs and man did it burn.

At the next aid station at about mile 17, we stocked up and headed for the hills.  Now I was pooped and Keilynn’s been training like a beast on hills so around this point I lost her.  I was pretty damn proud I had stayed with her for that long but my lower back started hurting and I just couldn’t keep up with the hills.  Before Keilynn went on her way we were perpetually chasing the Pope.  There was a guy running the race dressed as the pope (well it was a bishop costume or something but I like saying Pope!)  It was hilarious and he was actually very nice and a great source of entertainment.

After the climbs and the downhills my legs were toast and the last 6 miles were a bit challenging.  I played some music and talked to myself a bunch but overall the race was a success.  I was great with nutrition and hydration and my mental game was strong.  I think it really helped to know the course and not to have to repeat it 🙂 and to have the memory of the lows at the Naked Bavarian so fresh in my mind.

In the last mile or so I finally caught up to the Pope and we chatted about our families. He snapped this great pic of my family and I was able to finish the race with my toddler. It’s really awesome that my husband comes to support me at these events.  I love looking forward to seeing them at the end, it’s truly the best part of my run.

It was a great race and we ended the day by going to this insane asylum for the kiddos:

Happy Hump Day!


February 2017 – Monthly Roundup

Another month down here’s how I did on the shortest month of the year:

  1. Run the Naked Bavarian 40 mile race on March 4, 2017  – 4 days away! I am SUPER nervous.  Just hoping the weather stays the same and the trails aren’t too muddy.
  2. Raise $5,000 for Covenant House Pennsylvania – I am 76% there so almost at $4,000, if you are interested in donating here is the link.
  3. Run the Dirty German 50 mile race on May 13, 2017 –  Training to continue after this weekend.
  4. Lose the baby weight (starting weight 140) – So my official weigh in is: 136.6 lbs!!  16.6 lbs to go. – This was my update last month and the scale hasn’t changed at all.  BUT my clothes are definitely fitting better which I will take!
  5. Rock climb More – yup didn’t happen again, it will definitely happen in March!
  6. Travel More – I booked our trip to Niagara Falls for May! and we will be in France in less than 2 weeks!
  7. Blog More – I only posted 6 times but February is a short month so its hard to fit in.
  8. One small house project a month – Nope this one didn’t happen either.  Going to have to double up in March/April – lets face it March is about my birthday and FRANCE
  9. Declutter –   I sold a bassinet for $20 and a bunch of other baby things too.  I failed on donating items because it snowed on the day of my donation pickup and I thought there was no way they would come but they did.  I felt really bad about not getting the stuff outside.
  10. Spend less – I bought my hubby 4 pairs of pants and got rid of 5.

Wish me luck on Saturday!!

January 2017 – Monthly Roundup

img_0369It’s hard to believe that January is over.  Here is how I did on my first month of the year:

  1. Run the Naked Bavarian 40 mile race on March 4, 2017  – I started out the month really strong but then the baby was sick and not sleeping and then I got sick so it ended a bit lack luster but I did manage to run 124 miles for the month so I will take it.  Although I fought like hell to get to 125, it just didn’t happen.  Next month’s goal is 15o miles it would be my highest mileage ever in a month. Its also a short month so it will be a challenge!
  2. Raise $5,000 for Covenant House Pennsylvania – I am 40% there so almost at $2,000, actually I am only $20 away from $2,000 so if you are interested in donating here is the link. If you want to know why I am doing this fundraiser you can read more here.   I have one month to raise $3,000.  Its going to be tough to focus on this and running. Maybe I will extend this goal to my 50 mile race in May? I hope not, I really want to get this done with my 40 miler so I can focus solely on training for the 50 miler.
  3. Run the Dirty German 50 mile race on May 13, 2017 –  See goal #1 for training.
  4. Lose the baby weight (starting weight 140) – I have decided to weigh myself once a month, because I drive myself crazy otherwise.  So my official weigh in is: 136.6 lbs!!  16.6 lbs to go. As the number gets lower its going to get harder and harder but I will celebrate these 3.4 lbs while I can!
  5. Rock climb More – This is the one goal I officially failed at, I didn’t climb once.
  6. Travel More – We have officially booked France – flight, house and car booked.  Now just to figure out where we are going once we are there.  It feels good to have something booked!  We are working on something for the West Coast in the fall.
  7. Blog More – Seven posts in January – not too shabby.
  8. One small house project a month – So for my kids daycare you have to create a poster board with pictures and details about your child so for this month’s project I decided to frame those pictures and hang them in their rooms. Here they are:

    I didn’t get a picture of the baby’s poster in his room because it was close to bedtime and he was not being very patient.  I really wanted the frames in white but they were really hard to find!  Who knew poster size was an odd size to frame?

  9. Declutter –   I sold our pink antique couch for $300 – boom!  There is my spending cash for the next three months – at least!  I also got rid of a broken chair and donated three boxes of things to Vietnam Veterans of America. I am trying to take pictures of things I want to get rid of around the house and list them on Facebook and Letgo.  I have a lot of work to do in the declutter department.  Our house is big so it lends itself to having more stuff.
  10. Spend less – Other than the trip to France, we were pretty good about not purchasing anything we didn’t actually need.  No more stuff!