March 2018 – Getting Shit Done

I cannot believe March is over.  It was a blur and my husband was traveling for 11 days.  Luckily my mother agreed to come and help me which saved me when my 3 year old was sick for 4 days straight.  The best part of having my mom around is that she is like having three of me.  My house is clean, laundry is done and dinner is made when I get home from work.  Not only that, but the dishes are cleaned and put away while I bathe the kids. It’s amazing.  But my kids are momma’s boys so they only wanted me to do things for them which is fine but exhausting.  To add to that exhaustion, Mother Nature decided to blast us with another Nor’easter during my husband’s absence.  Which required me to figure out the snow blower and get our sidewalks and driveway done which I did twice.  The snow blower is something that has intimidated me for a while now so in the true sense of this years theme of “Getting Shit Done” I got that bitch done.

Also I worked out like a beast even when my husband wasn’t around.  In fact, I didn’t miss a day while he was gone and managed to finish the month with 116.01 miles for the month of March – boom!

  1. Running – become a better runner – faster, stronger, longer
  2. Fitness –
    • Finish BBG – Completed March 2nd
    • Workout 85% of the year (311 days) at least 35 minutes a day – Currently at 85% – Boom
    • 100,000 steps every week – Done.
  3. Diet
    • Strive for a plants based diet – Still a work in progress but I am actively eating more veggies
    • No adding sugar – Not so good here.  Black coffee is gross and my kids candy is delicious.  Working on getting back on track for April.


  1. Kids
    • More sleep – bed time routine – So with my husband gone and my mom helping me with all household duties.  I had a pretty good routine with the kids.  Except my 3 year old decided to riot the last three nights we were alone.  I am going to chalk it up to him missing his dad.  So I’ll call this one a work in progress
    • Better food – work in more veggies all around – Nothing new here. With all the sickness going around it was hard just getting them to eat sometimes.
    • Clean up own toys –  Since my mom was doing an amazing job with the house we both started instilling the clean up this toy before starting to play with something new.  It worked-ish.
  2.  Projects
    • Build a Walk in closet for Master Bedroom – DONE
    • Power wash the house in the spring – I was hoping to get this done in March but it looks like April will be the month.  The rest are also on the to-do for April – high hopes for April
    • Plant new bushes where the old ones were
    • Sand and re-stain our front door
    • Paint or stain book shelf in garage
    • Finish painting furniture in basement
    • Start refinishing basement
  3. Clutter
    • Basement – there is stuff everywhere, it has to go – Nothing new here
    • Toys – stop buying and get rid of more – Nothing acquired but nothing donated either so I have to work on that.
    • Baby Stuff – sell or donate.  Got rid of a couple of things but definitely not enough.
    • Empty Cedar closet – This is happening slowly but the stuff is dwindling
    • Coats – too many in the closet – Work in progress got rid of 1 of those many jackets
    • Cloths – need to fit all in the Walk-in closet including shoes – Almost done.  I have many suits from working in NYC in my 20’s that I either need to donate or move into the walk-in closet
    • Guest Bedroom – Sell all furniture and reorganize – I was waiting for after my moms visit to list the furniture so another one for April
  4. Cleaning
    • Wash all dishes before going to bed – 100% done this month and it feels good.
    • Come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it  – Mom is the best and took care of all cleaning for most of this month so I still haven’t done this but my house is clean.
    • Laundry – 6 days a week do something with laundry – 100% done thanks again to my mom. She’s the best.

Over the weekend I ran the Naked Prussian marathon, it was my second time running the race and I improved my time by 30 minutes! Race report coming soon!!!


Naked Bavarian – 20 miler

This race may become my yearly birthday celebration.  There is something about going back to a place where you had some of the lowest moments of your adult life and some of the highest.  Last year I ran the 40 miler (here’s that recap if you’re interested).  I initially signed up for the 40 but I am working on building myself back up to an ultra runner and was happy with adjusting my entry to the 20 miler.   After I posted my February Round-up on the Friday before my race the skies opened and a blizzard ensued.  Somehow even with my planning, I didn’t realize we were supposed to get snow, did I miss that forecast?    Regardless, my office and daycare closed early and many lost power.  I thought for sure I wasn’t running the race.  Usually, I am down for a race with most conditions but at this point I can’t afford to get hurt so after the Grewlin’ Newlin last month.  I went to bed thinking my race was cancelled – at least for me.  Well I woke up at midnight checked my email and there was an update from the Race Director and apparently the storm had not hit at the area at all!  So, I set my alarm and the race was back on!


This race had such a different feeling and meaning this year then last year.  It was my GOAL race for the year and I had raised $5,000 for Covenant House and it was my way to show the world that even though I had babies I was still the bad ass I always was.  This year was just about me going out and enjoying myself.  Celebrating my birthday the best way I know how, giving myself time to myself and by myself.  But I was in a weird head space when I got to the race.  It may be because the day before I went to bed thinking I wasn’t going to go.  Mainly because there was another bomb-cyclone and all hell had broken loose around our area.  There were 50 mph winds and trees were down everywhere but not at the trail, which we were all grateful for.  I am so happy I did go, I would have been REALLY disappointed if I hadn’t.  I got to see some friends and make new friends.

I never got to the head space I did with the Gruelin Newlin last month which was more of a “zen – constantly smiling and enjoying every step of the way” but I was in this “getting shit done” mind frame. I was feeling pretty good through the first half which is the easier portion.  Once I got to the hills my legs felt heavy but at no point was I ready to quit.  The hills were feeling bigger and bigger by the end but I made friends with someone at the halfway mark and we ran the rest of the race together.  He was great company and his wife was running the 40 miler which was a training run for her, she was some bad-ass runner in her 50’s training for a 100 miler. #lifegoals   We talked a lot which helped so much with the run.  Its amazing how much faster the miles fly when you have someone to chat with.

I was able to finish without too much pain or walking and the best part was I wasn’t really sore the next day!  That is the true test for an endurance athlete, how functional are you the following day?  Well this girl, ran 2.5 miles and went rock climbing so – BOOM! And shout-out to my hubby who delivered a delicious hazy IPA to me during my long hot shower afterwards.

Happy March Madness Thursday!


This is it..

Tomorrow is the big day for me.  It’s funny how I picked a random race to promote and create a fundraiser for.  Who does 40 mile trail races?  This girl.  Usually its a 50 K or a 50 miler not 40 miles.  I like that it’s my birthday weekend.  I like that I had until my birthday to raise the funds.  I wanted goals that could be completed within the first quarter of the year and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and it’s official; I am out.  Normally when I set out to do things, I am not sure I can do, I don’t tell anyone.  It’s much easier to fail if no one is watching.  But now I feel like everyone is watching.  Maybe they are but probably not.  Either way, tomorrow I will be attempting my second ultra and I am almost at my goal for fundraising – 92% – it is amazing.  If you are interested in donating please find my donating page here.  Any amount would help tremendously.  Lastly, here are a few thoughts that will keep me motivated tomorrow.