500 Miles – done

Boom.  500 miles for 2016 is in the books.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make this goal.  At the beginning of the year I was jamming along, not exactly getting all the miles I needed but considering I was 5 months pregnant I was still moving.  In February alone, I managed 75 miles at 6 months pregnant. But after that, as my belly grew, it wasn’t comfortable to run anymore and by the end of March my running was put on hold until after the baby.  I had the baby in May but I didn’t feel up to running until about July.  So in about 9 months I was able to complete my goal of 500 miles.  Not too shabby. Here are some highlights from the year:


Oktoberfest Half Marathon

The hills are alive with me screaming fuck this hill…

What can I say, my first half marathon back was HARD.  This hills mostly.   Also the race was actually short in mileage.  About .73 miles which to me, is significant.  I didn’t realize until well after the race was over.  So I feel like I am lying when I say my first half back is in the books.  Luckily my run next weekend will be 13.5 miles so it will really be in the books soon enough.  Also I thought the hills were significant but now looking at my Fitbit display, I feel like a wimp.


Overall the weather was great and the course was beautiful.  Penny Pack Park in Northeast Philadelphia is spectacular.  I have run this half before actually almost exactly two years ago when I was five months postpartum with my first.  I felt like I did better the first time around but I am starting to realize racing is much like childbirth, you only remember the good parts. 14720440_10154635809567402_7978532837942903599_n The course was different this time as well.  Last time there was some unpaved trail but this time the whole course was paved because of maintenance being done on a bridge.  I felt like the pavement was so hard on my body but maybe it was all the damn running.  My uterus hurt after I know sorry – TMI.  Either way I did it, mostly thanks to my girl over at Nature or Bust who stayed with me the entire time even when I had my cranky pants on.  Here we are after the race. The foliage was amazing.  This is by far the prettiest time of year.

Happy Monday!