500 Miles – done

Boom.  500 miles for 2016 is in the books.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make this goal.  At the beginning of the year I was jamming along, not exactly getting all the miles I needed but considering I was 5 months pregnant I was still moving.  In February alone, I managed 75 miles at 6 months pregnant. But after that, as my belly grew, it wasn’t comfortable to run anymore and by the end of March my running was put on hold until after the baby.  I had the baby in May but I didn’t feel up to running until about July.  So in about 9 months I was able to complete my goal of 500 miles.  Not too shabby. Here are some highlights from the year:


13.5 miles training run

So I survived my second half marathon since having my baby 5.5 months ago.  Of course there were more lessons learned so here goes my list:

  1. Short running shorts are for skinny girls. The chaffing.  Oh the chaffing! Literally I was rubbing Neosporin  on my palm sized areas of my thighs were there used to be skin and my toddler came around the corner and said “Mommy, you have diaper rash?”
  2. As I suspected last weekend, trails are a lot softer on my body. Maybe it was the 2nd half too but I didn’t feel as beat up except for the chaffing.
  3. I need to run more all of the time.  I am a perfectionist at heart so I get discouraged easily if I am not following a training schedule exactly as it is laid out.  Well you know what? I am also a full time working mom of two so I need to stop with the ridiculousness and just do what I can when I can.  That starts now.
  4. Trails are beautiful and I should run them more often.  Check out this awesome pic from my girl over at Nature or Bust follow her on instagram here – her pictures are dope.batona-trailHappy Halloween!